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monastiraki apartment |

Design: Cluster Architects
Lora Zampara, Michalis Saplaouras, Sofia Zournatzidou

Photography: Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr

This project is about the conversion of an ex-artisanal space into a small short-renting apartment. The building is located close to Monastiraki Square, which can be considered as the heart of the tourist zone of Athens.

The main goal of the design was to offer the possibility of natural lighting throughout the whole space, despite its narrow and long proportions.
Measuring a total of 42 m2 and due to the fact that natural light could only enter the space from its narrow side; the whole plan is organized alongside the main axis of the apartment.

An entrance hall is created right in front of the main entrance of the apartment, dividing the space in two zones. On the front the main space is expanded until the balcony while on the back the sanitary zone is located .

A semitransparent wardrobe separates the sleeping area from the living and dining area, while at the same time the kitchen cabinets are transformed into useful storage space inside the sleeping room. Even the door dividing the main space from the bathroom is semi-translucent so that the natural light is extended inside the sink’s room.

Light colors are used throughout the apartment. White walls and ceiling alongside with glass and mirror panels are driving natural light towards the inner parts of the apartment, while the palette of natural greens and litmus yellows combined with natural wood floor and black metal frames are creating a chic yet warm atmosphere for the interior.

A fusion of classic elements, like plaster and wood moldings, accompanied by a modern functional kitchenette, and some vintage and art deco-inspired parts such as the headboard or the lightings are meant to create a pleasant stay for the guests of the apartment.

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