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Design: Eirini Frydaki, Sofia Zournatzidou

Visualizations: SugarVisuals

Designed for a family of four members, this summer house follows the requirements posed by the clients and at the same time is integrated in the special characteristics of the area. The area is a small settlement called Kolostasi. It is situated on the island of Lesvos and consists of few houses that most of them have view and access to the sea.
The orientation and the views had a leading role for the progress of the design. Our goal was to take advantage of all the privileges of the site and the natural resources concerning the illumination and the ventilation of the house.
The materials chosen are a reference to the environment and the traditions of the area and are used as tools to distinguish the different volumes of the house and give it its own scale and position in the environment. The volumes create three big verandas that are differently orientated so that the family could enjoy sitting outside during the day depending on the direction of the sun.

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