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Entry for International Competition

Team: Thomas Antener, Andrius Raguotis

Visualizations: SugarVisuals

The site chosen for the contest Chavannes Campaigns is on the Grosde-Vaud plateau, marked by the presence of the Jura foothills, from where one can enjoy the panorama of peaks of the Alps. A fascinating beauty emerges from this peaceful landscape. From this observation the sketch was born. We analyzed the topographic features of the area and then the abstract was brought to volume. Our concept aims to create a strong image for each function. We deliberately chose to design three functional units into a harmonious whole that fits the local context of the city Cossonay. Three buildings form an urban constellation that appropriates the place.

The various buildings are oriented according to their functional proximity with the borders. The school is located in the wooded area on the east part of the plot, connected with the existing school. The pool is on to the west of the plot, close to the cantonal street and public space. Other functions are grouped together in one building to the north. The daycare is open directly onto the public space.

The implementation of the three buildings follows a functional logic and brings a tension between them in the landscape. The outdoor area, a semi closed agora, is very important. The outlook for public spaces and courtyards accentuate the variation between the volumes of scale and strengthen the coherence of the complex.

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