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kavouri apartment

Design: Sofia Zournatzidou

Construction: Zamparas & Partners

A vacation apartment of 48 square meters is renovated for family accommodation. The apartment is located on the coastline of Attica and opens up on a 12 square meter terrace with an uninterrupted charming view to the sea.

The design aimed to unify the interior with the exterior space, to expand the living area out of the existing walls and to open a dialogue with the surrounding environment. This along with the clients’ need for a bright, serene and simple ambience led to the creation of a minimalist white space where valuable qualities are rediscovered in simple and common materials and in well-designed details.

Sharp lines, basic geometric forms and solid surfaces reveal simple and clean spaces. The white color applied on the floor, walls and furniture in the kitchen and living room is used to achieve simplicity and harmony. The reflectivity of the white combined with the wide openings to the seaside creates the illusion of a bigger space and infinity where a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope is dominant. The pure white, refreshing and cool, forms a light, airy space that allows you to retreat to and refuel during the day. In the private sleeping areas dark oak elements add coziness while in the bathroom earthy colored materials give a natural touch.

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