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International Ideas Competition  ctrl-space.net

Prize – Honorable mention

Team: Andrius Raguotis, Sofia Zournatzidou, Fani Ntintoka
Visualizations: SugarVisuals

The site is located in the historical district of Ribeira which is spread alongside the river and is the area where many touristic attractions and activities are located. In continuity with the coastline, beside the Luis I Bridge, where the touristic zone fades down and the lower housing density appears, in the view of the old wineries buildings, there is the site for the new project. The line at the edge of the river forms an unfriendly zone for the users. Because of the height difference, almost 12m, between the street and the river top level, the water is difficult part to be accessed. The lack of connections makes the two elements, the water and the land to be conceived each of them, as bounded, as a remote territory.

In order to enhance the importance of the relation between these two parts, a 360m long part of the border is offset in the river, creating a new “wall” and connecting it back to the coastline with four bridges. In that way, an in-between zone of water is defined, and this is where the new swimming pools are located. The project is an attempt to trigger people to re-examine the border and their relation with the coastline in general. To stimulate the passer-by to come closer, to swim, to spend time participating in the diverse activities offered by the space, or just to have a view of the city from the new observatory.

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